Creative and Easy DIY a table and chair from bamboo

Creative and Easy DIY  a table and chair from bamboo 

Natural resources are being depleted, so what makes bamboo furniture a "green," eco-friendly furniture choice? Some bamboo species grow, well, like weeds! They grow quickly and are known for spreading into other areas. Bamboo grows over 10 times faster than most hardwoods, making bamboo furniture a great way to furnish your home and help keep forests intact. Aside from the fact that bamboo furniture is sustainable, there are plenty of other reasons why bamboo furniture is a great fit for your home.

Is another material that is easy to find And also friendly to nature, which is bamboo, which can be applied in many forms With unique beauty Give a natural atmosphere Some areas were discarded. Burned to make firewood But for some areas that are rare Bamboo itself is also cheap and not difficult to buy as well.

       Like today, omelettes will go to see bamboo crafts Which is known to be very beautiful The more looking and the more beautiful it will be, how beautiful it is. Let's try to see it.

#1- Can make a chair

#2- Closet

#3- Bed

#4- Dining table

#5-  More