28 Creative ideas for Bamboo House & Decoration

Bamboo is a material that most of people like to use to build residences from the past to the present. Because it's easy to find, lightweight, strong, durable, with the right shape and size Cut and can be used to build a home straight away. In addition, the price is also much cheaper than other types of wood. Also can be modified to use in many forms For anyone who likes the classic and simplicity of the bamboo house.

Green house designs, aside from helping to save energy, bamboo have a great environmentally friendly as well. The bamboo used to build houses also helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The design of this bamboo house therefore does not use whole bamboo to build. But cutting the bamboo into sections and then lining up with bamboo sheets instead To allow the wind to blow in and out throughout the day And the roof was raised from the wall Which helps to brighten the house in every corner. So today we have 28 Creative ideas for Bamboo House & Decoration...


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